Kym Anderson, Community Justice
Program Coordinator

COSA—Circles of Support and Accountability

When offenders at high risk of re-offense are approaching release, Circles of Support and Accountability can support these individuals in positively reconnecting with their communities. Volunteers work with the core members for 12-18 months as they work to understand the impact of their choices and re-establish themselves as productive members of their community.

Reparative Panels

Restorative Re-Entry Services

When previously incarcerated individuals return to our communities, they face hurdles to finding housing, employment, reconnecting with family and accessing mental health and substance abuse services. Restorative re-entry supports people in gaining stability after incarceration, reducing rates of recidivism and improving the well-being of our communities.

Statewide Community Justice Centers

more information on Community Justice Centers coming soon

Interested in volunteering for our COSAs or Restorative Justice Panels?