Safe Driver Class, Diversion for License Suspension, Civil–License Reinstatement, CRASH/IDRP

Safe Driver Class

The Safe Driving Class is sponsored by the Vermont Safe Driver Program and delivered by Community Justice Centers around the State. It is a program focused on the real consequences of unsafe, impaired, or distracted driving and the effects on individuals, families, and the community. Anyone can take the class, but most people are referred to this program through Court Diversion, the Court and Reparative Panels. The cost is $50, payable in advance by credit card, check or money order made out to OCRJC. 

Diversion–License Suspension

The State’s Attorney can refer people who are criminally charged for driving with a suspended license to Court Diversion. The Drivers License Reinstatement Coordinator works with participants to understand the requirements and to complete a plan for regaining their drivers license. When a participant successfully regains their license, the criminal charge will be dismissed by the State’s Attorney.

Civil License Reinstatement Program

If you license is suspended, this program can help. Your case manager will contact the DMV and VJB on your behalf for all the information on the requirements you have to fulfill to become a legal driver again.


The Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program is a requirement for many people with criminal driving offenses. Follow this link to more information about the program and where it is offered around the state.