Vermont’s Youth Substance Use Safety Program (YSASP) is designed to hold young people accountable for breaking the law against underage drinking and possession of marijuana (an ounce or less), to educate them about the consequences and risk of substances, and to identify youth with potential substance misuse issues so they might receive treatment.

To learn more about the Orange County YSASP, contact Jessie Schmidt at 802-685-3172 or jessie@occdp.org.

All people caught breaking the law against underage drinking and possession of marijuana  are referred by law enforcement to YSASP, which is run by Court Diversion. Those who choose to participate in YSASP and are successful avoid having a 30-90 day driver’s license suspension, paying a $300+ fine, and having a civil violation on their DMV record.

Participants in the Orange County YSASP pay a fee and meet with Jessie Schmidt, case manager for the program.  At the meeting, participants will take an online substance use screening and develop a plan to complete the program which may include an assessment with a licensed substance abuse counselor and follow-up counseling or therapy. Participation is voluntary. If an individual chooses not to participate in the program or fails to complete the program, a ticket is issued and sent to the individual and the Vermont Judicial Bureau.

To learn more about YSASP,  visit the Vermont Association of Court Diversion Programs.