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Community Reentry Programs


community reentry programsCoSA is a restorative program offered to individuals returning to the community after a term of incarceration. This individual is referred to as the ‘core member,’ and they meet with a group of community volunteers referred to as ‘team members.’ The group meets on a weekly basis for at least twelve months; the goals of CoSA are to 1) support the core member in positively reconnecting with their community as they work to reestablish and/or create personal and professional lives, and 2) hold the core member accountable for decisions made and actions taken during their transition.  

Restorative Reentry Services

Restorative Reentry Services are offered to individuals returning to the community after a term of incarceration. Services include assistance with housing, employment, substance use treatment, mental health services, navigating community programs, and reconnecting with family members.

Reparative Panels

Reparative Panels are a restorative alternative to traditional probation for adults convicted of a crime. Participants are assigned a case manager to support them through the program. The process begins with the participant taking responsibility for their actions and addressing the harms that were caused in the community. The participant then meets with a panel of community volunteers to create a contract designed to repair the harm caused by their actions and to address the underlying factors in their life that contributed to the criminal charge and conviction. 

If an individual successfully completes the contract, they become eligible for discharge from probation. If an individual fails to complete the contract, the case is returned to the criminal court for further sentencing. 

“My CoSA team stuck by me in thick and thin, which I never thought anybody would.”

~ Former Core Member