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Give to OCRJC

Orange County Restorative Justice Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  We rely on support from federal, state, and foundation grants, appropriations from Orange County, VT towns, and donations from people dedicated to restorative justice and supporting a community response to crime.  

OCRJC is committed to our mission and vision: 

• Building and advocating for a just community by providing restorative programs to address legal issues, wrongdoing, conflict and the needs of harmed parties; 

• Connecting participants to services that improve the health, well-being and positive behavior of individuals and the community. 

We want the everyday life in Orange County communities to be safe, just and provide opportunities for all people to thrive. 

Orange County Restorative Justice Center has provided a community-based response to crime for 40 years! Your contribution is needed more than ever to support restorative justice in Orange County. 

Your donation, in any amount, is greatly appreciated!


Our Restorative Justice model relies on volunteers to provide community perspective and community support to all people referred to our programs.

Volunteers can serve in one or all of the following capacities

Restorative Justice Panel Volunteer
Represent the community when program participants meet to discuss their actions and the harm they caused.  Panel volunteers help participants develop a program contract to address underlying factors contributing to their behavior and steps to repair the harm they caused.  RJ Panels work with youth and adults, both pre-conviction (Diversion) and post-conviction (Reparative Panels). Volunteers generally participate in one panel a month. 

Circles of Support and Accountability
A small group of volunteers work with a core member returning to the community after incarceration. Volunteers meet weekly with the core member and also commit to additional connection during the week through phone calls etc.  This program lasts for 12-18 months.  A majority of the core members are sex offenders.  

All volunteers are asked to complete an application and give permission for criminal background.  Panel volunteers and COSA volunteers must complete 16 hours of training provided by our organization.  

Interested in volunteering?  That is GREAT!! Please complete the Volunteer Form, and we will be in touch.

Fill out my online form.



OCRJC welcomes in-kind donations for our organization and the people we work with.  Please see the list below of our needs.  If you would like to make an in-kind donation, please click the items below and provide us your contact information.  We appreciate your support!


In search of apartments for our transitional housing program. We have secured two apartments and hope to find two more. Know anyone in the Bradford area who is willing to work with the program? Please connect them!