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OCRJC April Newsletter 2024! Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing orange county restorative justice programs


Transitional Housing

We recognize how important stable housing is for individuals to have the bandwidth to attend to other things like getting a job, budgeting, or addressing mental health or substance use issues. OCRJC’s Transitional Housing program uses the ‘housing first’ model to provide stable short-term housing and resource navigation to people moving from a correctional facility into the Orange County community.

Program participants are asked to engage with the Transitional Housing Coordinator to work on economic health, economic stability, self-sufficiency, and obtaining permanent housing as the final step. Each participant’s trajectory in the program is based on what their goals are, what services they may need to connect with, and how much support they need.  

When program participants make mistakes or struggle to engage with services, we provide them an opportunity to re-engage and work towards their goals. If program participants are willing to work on their housing plan, their housing remains secured through OCRJC. Our goal is to support participants in finding permanent housing within a year of beginning the program, but we are always willing to extend their programming if that allows them to work towards other goals.