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orange county string image 2Volunteers are essential to the success of our restorative justice programs. Volunteers represent the voice of the community and help participants understand the harm their actions caused, even in what are referred to as “victimless” crimes. Join the 400+ Vermonters who volunteer at community justice centers around the state!  

The panel process provides an opportunity for individuals responsible for criminal acts to accept responsibility and work to repair the harm caused by their actions. Panel members help the participant create a contract designed to repair these harms and to address the underlying factors in their life that contributed to the criminal charge. 

CoSA teams work with individuals re-entering our communities after incarceration on a weekly basis for at least twelve months.  They support the core member in positively reconnecting with their community as they work to reestablish and/or create personal and professional lives, and they hold the core member accountable for decisions made and actions taken during their transition. 

Restorative panels and CoSA teams meet regularly throughout Orange County. Restorative justice training is provided by local programs and the association. 


“Without having CoSA and the people in it, I don’t know where I’d be.” ~ Former Core Member 


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