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Our Team

As a small organization, each staff member works within several programs and is cross-trained to provide program support where needed. We also employ interns when opportunities exist for program enhancement. (Interested in Interning? Contact us!)

Jessica Schmidt
Executive Director & Victim Outreach Coordinator    |   802-636-7106

Prior to her work in restorative justice, Jessie worked in environmental sustainability. Since moving to Vermont in 1998, Jessie has worked on farms, been an avid homesteader, and now finds joy in gardening, hiking, and observing the natural world. It was through this work that she came to understand that the many issues facing humanity could only be addressed through social justice; supporting restorative justice practices in Orange County is her small piece of this work.


kym orange county restorative justice centerKym Anderson
Community Justice & Reentry Program Coordinator   |  802-636-7104

Kym’s restorative justice work started 30 years ago in King County, Washington. She has held many titles: advocate, coordinator, trainer, investigator, facilitator, and director. Most people also call her a dreamer – and you will too – after you talk to her about her vision for her programs. Come meet her dog, Calvin, in our office.


Wendy Clark
Driver’s License Reinstatement Case Manager   |  802-636-7105

Wendy is passionate about helping others achieve their personal and professional goals, which she has done over (and again!) since starting at OCRJC in 2019. When not in the office she can be found on the lake in her kayak, in the park on a hiking trail, or attending sporting events.  


Kassie Tibbott
Diversion & Reparative Case Manager   |  802-636-7107

Kassie has supported restorative justice practices in Vermont since she moved here in 2016. Her work started in the women’s correctional facility, where she volunteered for writinginsideVT. Kassie believes that each person we meet has something to teach us and it is her passion to help others find, articulate, and share their stories. This drives her work with OCRJC. 


Kiara Senecal
Diversion, YSASP & Pretrial Services Case Manager   |  802-636-7798

From an early age, Kiara knew that she wanted to work toward helping make the legal system more effective for all persons involved, so naturally the focus of her college career was justice studies. Kiara believes that recidivism rates are impacted significantly when an individual has support from and connection to their community, which is what brought her to work at OCRJC. Kiara is also a Vermont native, which means that you will find her outside in all types of weather.


Board of Trustees

The OCRJC Board of Trustees guides our organization as we work to bring restorative justice services to all of Orange County, Vermont.

Left to right: Heather, Jenny, Jim and Annette.

Present Board of Trustees Members:

President Jennifer Cummings, Williamstown
Vice-President Loretta Stalnaker, East Randolph 
Treasurer James Bastien, Brookfield 
Secretary Heather Waterbury, Strafford 
Member Annette Kennedy, Thetford

Office Greeters

Depending on what day of the week you stop by, one of our pets will be here to greet you!