Our Programs

Welcome to the Orange County Restorative Justice Center located in Chelsea, Vermont.  We are members of the Vermont Association of Court Diversion Programs and offer alternatives to the traditional criminal justice system for youth and adults charged with a crime, adjudicated for their offenses and re-entering our communities after incarceration.  In addition we offer programs for civil violations related to underage drinking and marijuana possession and driving with license suspended.

Sometimes, individuals whose cases are being tried through the Orange County Court need help accessing mental health and substance abuse services.  Orange County Restorative Justice offers Pre-Trial Services to support those individuals in living healthy lives and adhering to their conditions of release.

Entryway to the office.

Entryway to the Orange County office.

Civil Driving with License Suspended Program (Civil DLS)

Circle of Support and Accountability (COSA)

Court Diversion Program

Pre-Charge Program

Pre-Trial Services

Restorative Re-entry

Youth Substance Abuse Safety Program (YSASP)