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Safe Driver & License Reinstatement

Safe Driver Class

Safe Driver is a class sponsored by the Vermont Safe Driver Program. The program focuses on the consequences of unsafe, impaired, or distracted driving. The class is available to all people; most of the attendees are referred from Court Diversion and Reparative Panels. The class cost is $50, payable in advance by credit card, check, or money order. 

Driver’s License Reinstatement Program

The License Reinstatement Program helps individuals navigate the challenges of driver’s license reinstatement while they work to pay outstanding fees and fines. Any person struggling to regain their license after suspension can opt to participate in this program.  Often, people who are criminally charged for driving with a suspended license are given the option to participate by the State’s Attorney through a Court Diversion referral.

Program participants are assigned a case manager to support them through the program.  The participant and case manager meet to discuss the reason for suspension, the participant’s financial situation, the steps required to regain a license, and how to pay fines and fees. The case manager will gather information directly from the Vermont Judicial Bureau and the Department of Motor Vehicles in Vermont (and other states if needed) to make sure all the requirements are understood. 

Participants can expect to complete paperwork, develop a personal contract and payment plan.  A motion to the Vermont Judicial Bureau (VJB) will be discussed for lowering the costs of fines for qualified citations. 

The reinstatement process may include addressing out-of-state DMV requirements, fulfilling requirements due to Driving Under the Influence convictions, paying court fees, and insurance issues. Upon completion of the reinstatement requirements, the participant is eligible to regain their driving privileges from the VT DMV. 

Interested in learning more about the program? Call us at 802-685-3172

“It has been a reminder that distracted driving is very serious and could end up costing a life.” ~ Safe Driver Class Participant

“I now have specific tools and reminders of what safe driving looks like.” ~ Safe Driver Class Participant