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PreTrial Services

pretrial service orange county community justice centerThe PreTrial Services Program offers support to adults charged with a crime, except those who are charged with a crime punishable by a term of life imprisonment or registration on the sex offender registry. The Pre-Trial Services Program supports individuals who have immediate substance use or mental health treatment needs during the pretrial period. The Court may order participation in the program, or individuals can choose to participate through a self-referral. 

Participants are assigned a case coordinator who connects them with community-based services that help them gain stability in their lives while they are going through the court process. The process may include needs screenings and risk assessments, assistance with appointment scheduling and attendance, and follow-up meetings to support ongoing needs and concerns. The case coordinator works with participants until the court case is closed. 

The case coordinator confirms program participation with the participant’s defense attorney, the State’s Attorney, and the Court so that all parties can work together to address the pending charges. Specific information related to program services, mental health, and substance use treatment is confidential and not shared with the prosecutor or Court.  

Vermont’s PreTrial Services is a program of the Vermont Attorney General’s office.

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