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Driving with License Suspended (DLS)

The DLS Diversion Program is a restorative alternative for individuals criminally charged for driving with a suspended driver’s license or without a license. After police issue a citation for violating the law, the State’s Attorney decides whether to refer the person out of the court system to our community-based Court Diversion program. A person referred to Court Diversion chooses either to accept the offer or to continue with the court process. 

Participants work with our license reinstatement coordinator to create a plan for regaining the legal privilege to drive in Vermont. The plan may include obtaining SR22 insurance, completing the Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP) and resolving court issues and fines in Vermont or other states. Various options for fine repayment plans, fine reductions and fee payment assistance can be explored.  If an individual successfully completes the plan, they regain their privilege to drive and avoid a permanent criminal record. If an individual fails to complete the plan, the case is returned to the State’s Attorney for prosecution. 

The program fee is $175. Payments plans, sliding scale and fee waivers are available.  Ability to pay is never a barrier to participation in the License Reinstatement Diversion Program.

Interested in learning more about the program? Call us at 802-685-3172