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Transitional Housing Program

The OCRJC Transitional Housing program works closely with the local probation and parole office to provide supportive and stable short-term housing and resource navigation to people moving from the correctional facility back to their Orange County community.  

The OCRJC Transitional Housing program participants work with our community re-entry program coordinator who provides assistance with applications for medical insurance, primary care physicians, counselors, and relevant treatment programs. Program participants also receive assistance with employment, education, vocational training referrals, and long-term support to help with career goals and development. Once secured, the final step is to help the program participant secure stable permanent housing at another location in the community.  

The OCRJC Transitional Housing program is the first housing program in Orange County to serve previously incarcerated individuals. As of 2021, there are no homeless shelter beds or sober living beds in Orange County. While the Clara Martin Center has a few beds for people who need short- and long-term mental health support, the only option for most people from Orange County is to move to a different Vermont county to access shelter and transitional housing services. This contradicts Vermont’s Trauma-Informed Approach because most people will be too far from work, school, childcare, existing support services, and family relationships. 

Program participants are never rejected solely based on their criminal conviction. All applicants are vetted based on references from Department of Corrections personnel, behavior while incarcerated, commitment to change, commitment to treatment or programming, and willingness to follow the rules and expectations of the housing program. 

Landlords who participate in this program are paid for the space, whether anyone lives there or if the program participant can contribute to the rent. There is no financial risk. Are you a landlord with a space in Orange County that you are willing to offer to this program? Please contact Kym Anderson at to discuss the benefits and potential impact you can make.